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This solid gold Laureate State Prize medal was given to the recipient for the production of a series of opera and ballet performances.  I bought this medal and diploma from the recipient’s son. Initially, according to the son, his father was awarded the gold Stalin prize in 1947; however, he had to turn it in later for this prize.  The gold Stalin prize was similar in design to this medal which replaced it.   The interior of the diploma is beautifully scripted describing the theatrical productions.   The medal is solid gold and quite substantial (approximately 1/8 inch thick). The suspension is silver. The number on the medal does not match the number on the diploma because because the diploma was issued for the original medal.   This is a rare medal, especially since it is with a diploma.


# 8,077

# 29,176

Issued: 1944

Issued:   approx. 1941

This medal was issued for labor accomplishments.  Initially, the medals were issued with a triangular suspension holding a red ribbon.  The Later versions had the five-sided medal suspension with a distinguishing ribbon. The triangular suspension version and the early versions of the five-sided suspension had the numbers written in script and preceded by a script “No”.  Subsequent medals had the numbers just stamped on, or were issued without numbers. This medal comes with a medal book to document the issuance to a recipient.

Established:   1938;  No. issued:   over 2,000,000;  Metal Content (gr.):   gold:  0 ;  silver:   21.0

# 60,398

Issued: 1945


Post-war ribbons have a deeper shade of purple.


# 19,755

Issued:  approx. 1943

This order is another Soviet medal given for accomplishments in labor.   The same characteristics apply to this medal as to the one above, except that this is a smaller medal.

Established:   1938;  No. issued:   over 2,000,000;   Metal Content (gr.):   gold:    silver:   15.6

The recipient of this medal covered the ribbon with protective clear plastic.  The original versions of the medal had triangular ribbon suspensions.  Later versions had the five-sided suspension.  The owner of # 19,755 had covered the ribbon in protective plastic.

# 49,185

Issued:  approx. 1944

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SOVIET civilian Service medals

Estonian song “Veel kord” (“once more”!) Kukerpillid.

Two beautiful Russian ladies at the Moscow Academy of Public Administration.  Delightful ladies with great sense of humor who were in my class.


Awarded for Georgian opera production

Note the script “No” typical of all early issues of the medal.

Note the script “No” which is typical of all early issues of the medal.

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