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     St. Petersburg icon dating from 1894.  Gold leaf painted on wood

   Nikolai.   Mosaka (central Russia) icon dating from 1870.  Gold leaf painted on wood

Unlike the icons above, which were bought from icon dealers, the small icons below were bought from elderly ladies who had them hanging in their homes for decades or generations. I have no idea where they are from.

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The image in the icon above has had her eyes poked out.  I have been told that some elderly who prayed in front of the icon all their lives and then ended up miserable, would use a pin to poke out the eyes of the image on smaller icons such as these.   I have seen several such icons.

Pskovian Icons  13th - 16th Century

This beautiful large book is a magnificently illustrated with full-page photographs of icons painted by artists of Pskov and their histories.  In Russian

Silver icon.

   Brass folding icon

The two folding gold and silver Russian icons below were bought at the grand Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi, Georgia.  I bought them as presents for my granddaughters. May they always respect their heritage.

“Evening Bells” , Zhanna Bichevskaja

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (1895-1900), Tallinn, Estonia.  Please visit the official website of Estonian Orthodox of Moscow Patriachate: for the history of this cathedral.


Coat of Arms of Tsarist Russia

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