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This knife has some vague similarities to a Finnish puukko.  However,  I am pretty confident that this is a Russian knife because of the handle and the blade do not appear to be typical of Finnish puukkos, and the sheath is more Russian than Finnish in style.  There are no markings which would identify the manufacture of the knife.   This appears to be a unique knife.  I bought it from a person who was selling his collection of knives.

Below are photos of one of my Russian hunting knives.  The blade is of damascus steel, the best there is for a knife blade. The flowing patterns on the blade are unique to damascus steel and are distinct for each blade as finger prints. The handle is made of Karelian birch bark strips which are glued together under high pressure. The handle is very comfortable to hold and has the soft feel of a birch bark. The handle is thus very durable and allows a good grip. There is a growling bear head on the top of the handle. The knife is quite heavy and well balanced. This knife was stolen along with other items when Latinos who broke into our home in 2010.  Our neighbor across street wanted to have his home painted cheap so he picked up some latinos hanging around 7-11 and had them work for him. At that time we left town for a week and when we came back our home had been broken into. After the break in, the Latinos disappeared without completing the job for the neighbor. The police told me that people need to be careful when they hire Latinos off the streets because many of them use the jobs as a way to case a home and commit break ins. Fortunately, the Latinos stole only shiny trinkets and left the valuable behind.

They must have been in the house when we arrived in home and drove into the garage because the Latinos grabbed only shinny items and left the valuable alone. They stole my gun, my expired diplomatic passports, the knives, my Georgian sword, and colorful Russian veteran badges.   They never bothered to look in the drawers were the valuable items were.

The black police officer who came over said that people need to be careful when they hire Latinos to do work for them. He also said that if I had been home I had every right to shoot them.

“Wanderer”, Zhanna Bichevskaya

Soviet era gold “viking boat” pennant

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